Guadalupe Plata

Guadalupe Plata - Guadalupe Plata - negro solo marco

This whole process is difficult for me.  Just today I came a across a new record store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn called Record Grouch.  I guess it’s not so new–they’ve been in the space since last March.  But all I wanted to do was go inside and sift through the stacks!  I resisted, mostly because present company showed zero interest, and we were on our way to brunch.  And earlier this week, I found out Guadalupe Plata released a new album and the vinyl is for sale.  I want it!  I am so tempted to buy it!  I discovered Guadalupe Plata at a little record store in Granada, Spain over the summer and then went to see them play on top of a mountain and they blew me away!  See Festiva de Sierra Nevada on my travel blog for the whole story.  Do I pass up buying it?  I know, I know… I am trying to sell my records.  But I probably won’t be able to part with everything.  I have to keep the absolute favorites, right?  And seriously, Guadalupe Plata is so good!  Definitely my new favorite band.  Take a listen and purchase their new self-titled album on their Bandcamp page.

The following albums go live today.  Check the Records Vs. House eBay Store for all available LPs.


THE DOORS – THE DOORS (first pressing; gold label)
Buy this record!


Buy this record!


Buy this record!

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2 thoughts on “Guadalupe Plata

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