Happy Songs for Happy People


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You know how everyone has the worst time at prom?  Well, not this gal!  Okay, the first time I went to prom was actually pretty awful.  I was a freshman and my friend Andy, who was a senior, asked if I would go to the prom with his friend (Ben?).  Now, when a senior asks a freshman to go out with his friend, it’s pretty likely that that friend has no social skills and that’s why he couldn’t find anyone to go with him.  I’m not gonna beat around the bush about how I felt about (Ben?)… his favorite band was Stabbing Westward.  I think I’ve made my point.  So anyway, I was in my oddball-punk-rock-emo phase and would not dare to wear a traditional prom dress.  This is 1998 people.  I wore a camouflage dress to prom with (Ben?)!!!  Needless to say, I endured a lot of “Where’s Jayme?  I can’t see her… she’s incognito!” bullshit jokes.

So when it was my senior year, I was not fucking around.


I asked my friend Nolan to come with me.  We ditched school the day of prom and bought outfits at a vintage store in Ferndale, MI.  I got a mod dress.  He let me dye his hair black.  You know you have a good friend when he lets you do something stupid like that.  We had our prom photos taken at Harmony House, the record store I worked at.  What’s more punk rock than prom photos at a record store?!  We went out for dinner at Buddy’s Pizza.  We showed up an hour late.  And after about 45 minutes of “boy, this sucks”, we ditched and went to see Mogwai perform at The Majestic Theatre in Detroit.

Now, I realize Mogwai doesn’t come to the US very often, so not everyone has the opportunity to ditch prom to see them.  But if it’s at all possible, you should definitely make it happen.  It was so loud and intense.  They played a 45 minute “encore” that was just one song.  I recently spoke about this show with my friend Kellan, who also ditched prom that night to be there (See?  Best idea!), and he told me that Mogwai has specifically talked about this show in interviews as being a particularly incredible one.

I haven’t been able to see them again since.  Their shows always sell out.  Two years ago I bought tickets see them and the show got cancelled because of visa issues, and then they cancelled the rescheduled dates for medical reasons.  It was not a good year for Mogwai.

Perhaps I will never get to see them again.  But I will always have prom.  And on that note…

Goodbye, Happy Songs for Happy People.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Songs for Happy People

  1. jdotjerry says:

    Great write-up and great idea for a blog (selling your records). But, why are you selling them?

  2. jdotjerry says:

    Ah… Good luck with the house!

  3. […] of my biggest sellers were Lucero ($95), Mogwai ($50), and Pearl Jam ($50).  But My Bloody Valentine took the cake at a whopping […]

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