Get The Knack

Buy this record!

Man, I have never listened to this entire record!  I am terrible about buying a record for one song and only listening to that one song or just the side with the song I like.  But Get The Knack is actually a great pop record!  So fun!

So, obviously, the song I bought this for is “My Sharona”.  The reason I love that song so much is because of high school drama club.  Before every play and musical every year, all of the first show people would get hazed into theatre.  Our hazing was called wu wei.  We would do wu wei on the night of our last dress rehearsal (or was it opening night?).  We would amp people up.  Make them worry.  I say “we”, but I was once a first show freshman!  Freshmen are the best because they get really scared and do things like show up to the theatre wearing goggles and garbage bags over their clothes.  Some people even cried and told their parents.  Babies!

While I absolutely cannot reveal what happens at wu wei because every WBHS thespian is sworn to secrecy in that regard, I can tell you that the climax of the hazing is The Knack’s “My Sharona”.  We all ran around the theatre singing and dancing to this song before every single performance.  It got us really excited!

To this day, I can’t hear “My Sharona” without wanting to run around singing and dancing like an idiot.  But now that I’ve listened to the whole album, I am pleasantly surprised at how solid the whole album is.  It actually makes me think of Weezer’s blue album—great songs and pop mentality.  New songs to like by The Knack: “Oh Tara”, “Maybe Tonight”, “Lucinda”, and “That’s What Little Girls Do”.  I am reluctant now to sell this record, but it’s always going to be hard to say…

Goodbye, Get The Knack.

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