Blank-Wave Arcade

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I used to have this tendency to be friends with people who were really cool, and the friendships were entirely shallow.  Now I make a point of only being friends with lame people, and now I love all my friendships!

Just kidding.  My friends are awesome!  But for a small period of time, I was dear dear friends with a very exciting and super cool girl named Melissa.  I met her at the end of junior year of high school.  Probably at a punk rock show.  We had a lot of mutual friends, and she liked talking shit about her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend with me because the girls at Melissa’s private school didn’t know her, but I did.  It also turned out that we went to the same horseback riding overnight camp, but we’d never gone at the same time.  We became fast friends (like you do at that age) and hung out all the time that summer as assistant counselors at the camp we had gone to as children.

Melissa was a grade above me, so at the end of the summer, she moved to Chicago for college.  We stayed in touch and hung out when she came home for holidays, going to shows in Detroit.  Melissa would say cool things like, “For Lent I gave up sobriety.” For Spring Break my senior year, I took the Amtrak train to Chicago to visit her.  She had a haircut like a vulcan and tons of hipster college friends.  She took me to see The (International) Noise Conspiracy at The Metro.  Somehow we ended up hanging out with the band after the show at a makeout party in Logan Square.  This sounds like made up shit, but that was what it was like being friends with Melissa!

Melissa and I had made mix tapes for each other and shared lots of music (she loved Promise Ring), and she was very into the indie dance band thing.  No dance band at that time was better than The Faint.  So catchy and sexy and dirty!  We definitely wore out (blank-wave arcade) more than it’s fair share.  “Worked Up So Sexual” is the sexiest track on this record.

When the summer after my senior came, we were so excited to reunite at camp, but our friendship completely deteriorated.  Somehow, we became bitter enemies.  By the end of the summer, it was obvious we were not going to become friends again, which was really disappointing because I was moving to Chicago to go to the same college as her.  It was a bright flame that burned out fast.

Perhaps our friendship is similar to my love for The Faint.  It was intense and exciting at the time, but it just didn’t last.  I still like (blank-wave arcade), as I still think of the fun times with Melissa fondly, but I’m pretty astute when I know it’s over.

Goodbye, (blank-wave arcade).

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