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Temptation on a Tuesday

This really is a struggle.  Every time I think I am okay with selling my record collection, people look at me like I am making the biggest mistake of my life.  Uncle Richard has warned me that I will regret it for the rest of my life, just like Aunt Marcie.  I have self-identified as a music junkie for so long, I’m not sure who I will be once I give up that status.  Or does owning the vinyl even give me status?

As I mentioned before in the post Salesucker, Insound is my favorite online retailer for records.  They just announced the reissue of The Postal Service’s Give Up as a ten year anniversary release.  And Pulp’s Different Class has been re-released on vinyl as well.  What’s happening?!  I want!  I want!  I want!  I was really bad and actually bought the Guadalupe Plata album that was released last month.  I didn’t want to say that I had slipped, but it’s true.  How do I maintain my purge and sustain my identity and love?

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How do you turn off being a record collector?  Here I am trying to sell my record collection, and I get an email from Insound (my favorite online distributor of vinyl) saying they are having a 25% off sale.  Of course I have to check it out!  Of course I want to buy some records!  Cause they are on sale!  And I bet if I spend $50 or more, I get free shipping, right?  Well that means I must buy at least 2-3 records… hell, it’s such a deal I should buy more!


There are 7″s by Lou Reed and New Order!


There are LPs by Band of Horses and Lykke Li!

No, no.  I must restrain myself.  There is a purpose to my foolish endeavor.  I have a goal.  I must be strong.  I will not break out my credit card today.

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